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  • TOP TEN Mistakes to Avoid in A DUI/DWI Case
    TOP TEN Mistakes to Avoid in A DUI/DWI Case

    Thinking that a DUI conviction is no big deal. A criminal conviction is like luggage, it travels with you wherever you go. You CANNOT get rid of a drunk driving conviction. You cannot get it expunged ...

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  • Drug Charges MD
    Drug Charges MD

    Have the police arrested you for possession of illegal substances? Are you facing drug charges that may involve misdemeanor or felony sentencing? Dealing with the situation requires a comprehensive ...

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  • DUI Defense
    DUI Defense

    Don’t leave your DUI defense to chance. An error in judgment does not have to derail your future. Due to the severe nature of a DUI criminal charge, it’s vital to understand your legal rights. Having ...

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  • Teen Drug Abuse
    Teen Drug Abuse

    The law recognizes that a teenager under the age of 18 is not an adult. At the same time, local officials understand that teen drug abuse is creating problems. Did you or your teen make contact with ...

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  • DUI vs DWI
    DUI vs DWI

    Driving while impaired or under the influence is a poor decision that many Americans unfortunately make. Often, people lose track of their alcohol consumption and decide to get behind the wheel, which ...

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  • DUI Laws Can Affect Marijuana Users, Too
    DUI Laws Can Affect Marijuana Users, Too

    In the past decade, marijuana laws have become significantly relaxed in many states across the country, with outright legalization for recreational use occurring in Alaska, California, Colorado, ...

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