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Jason Shapiro is the finest criminal defense attorney in the area. He is not the only criminal defense attorney that I would refer cases to, he is the only criminal defense attorney that I do refer cases to.

Charles Cave

retired Sgt., Maryland State Police; retired Chief Sheriff, Howard County, Maryland

David Zwanetz, or Dave Z as I call him, is what you get when you combine top-drawer legal expertise with an extremely empathetic presence – rare in the legal field. He’s my go-to guy for legal matters. I trust that his counsel will always be straightforward and professional but also, that he’s keeping an eye out for my best interests beyond just money.

Julius Park

Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts; Ivy League graduate and Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mr. Shapiro, I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I have been clean for over 7 months, I go to my meetings and I have a sponsor. I really think that if it were not for you I would be in jail right now. Thank you so much for everything you have done. I will always refer cases to you.


You truly need to know you personify lawyer as a defender of the Constitution.


Mr. Shapiro, you told me what to do to get me ready for court, and you promised that you would take care of me. Thanks for getting me into treatment instead of jail. You are a man of your word. You are a ‘knock out,’ Champ!


David, Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in assisting me with my case. It meant the world to me, and I couldn’t have done it without the best lawyers in Maryland! Hopefully I won’t have to see you again, but I will definitely recommend your services. Thanks again.


Jason, THANK YOU! The phrase “you da man” truly fits you! Once again, you never cease to amaze me.


Think one of the worst things parents can be put through is to watch one of their children get wrongfully accused of a crime. Suddenly, our legal system, based on the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ seems quite the opposite. Thankfully, a friend recommended that I contact Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates to represent our son. Mr. Dave Zwanetz became his lead attorney. Dave stood by us every step of the way. He was reassuring and compassionate to us, while tenacious in his pursuit of justice and the vindication of our son. He never doubted our son’s innocence, and we never doubted Dave’s ability to get this bad situation resolved in our son’s favor. Ultimately, Dave’s efforts resulted in the case being dismissed. While my family all breathed a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks, Dave kept working, immediately filing an expungement motion so that once and for all this mess would be behind us and our son could return to college with a clean slate. Thanks, Dave, for your professionalism and tireless efforts!


I can not say enough great things about my experience with David Zwanetz and the law firm Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA). When I was facing DUI/DWI charges I certainly conducted my due diligence researching lawyers around the Howard County and Baltimore area. Person after person I spoke with recommended Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) due to their proven experience and the high level of quality of their work. From the minute I contacted them I felt as though my stress over finding the best lawyer to handle my case, due to the serious consequences of my charges, had been lifted. David Zwanetz met with me personally and covered every angle of my case, many of which other lawyers with whom I consulted with had failed to address. I did not feel rushed or short-changed during my consultation, rather I felt reassured and confident that I had hired the best representation possible to fight on my behalf. In addition, in my opinion, for the quality or work that was being performed, the fee that Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) charged was beyond reasonable. I am very happy to say, that because of David’s hard work, he was able to prevent both my license from being suspended or an interlock system being installed in my car, against highly improbable odds, at the MVA hearing by obtaining a “No Action” verdict, thus saving my job! I will be happy to recommend David Zwanetz and Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) to anyone out there as I am extremely confident in their professional abilities. Thank you David Zwanetz and Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates!


David, I wanted to take a moment and “Thank You” and the staff at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) for the outstanding job and prompt service you provided in handling my case. As you very well know, my career and reputation were on the line and this could have been very devastating. I can not “Thank You” enough. I pray you will have much success as you continue defending those that need it most.Peace and Many Blessings to you always.

Respectfully, RJ

Jason, I want to thank you for allowing David the time to speak to our health classes here at Churchill High School. David spent the day here at Churchill where he spoke to over 140 students. His talks were very informative and his message of actions and their consequences was perfect for our upcoming drug and alcohol unit.

David related well to the students as he shared personal “youthful experiences” and he shared situations his teen clients are experiencing as a result of their momentary lapses of good judgment. He explained the law to my students as it pertains to drinking and driving. The results of which will hopefully prevent them from needing your services in this area.

When I asked my students today what they thought of David, they were extremely positive. One student replied, “he was out best speaker”. Once again, thank you and David for a series of very informative and enlightening presentations.

Joel Aronchick

Health & Physical Education at Churchill H.S.

Hello Jason, I just wanted to take a moment and express my thanks for your legal representation of K.G. Your prowess in and around the courtroom remains superior and just validates my and your clients trust and appreciation for you. It didn’t come easy and I know there were a few tense moments, but in the end, justice did prevail because of you and not in spite. Again, I just wanted to thank you for your legal representation and the manner in which you championed Kristi as she was overwhelmed by this situation.

I was involved in a car accident a few months ago that was my fault resulting in multiple traffic violations and a few charges against me as well. I did not hesitate retaining the office of Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates because of my past experience with them 3 years prior. I had the up most confidence in their team in the way that they showed me their aggressive defense in which they fought hard for me and let me know every move that was going to be made so there were no surprises when it was time to appear in court. Also, I would strongly recommend the office of Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates to anyone that needs a professional, and aggressive team of attorneys that will fight for your rights and that will listen to you as an individual and not just another case.


I just want to share how I feel blessed to have been referred to Jason Shapiro and David Zwanetz and have them represent me in court. I knew from the very first time I met them that I had chosen the right lawyer. Not only were they empathetic about my case, but they were also concerned about my emotional well-being.

David Zwanetz is a very compassionate person and has great listening skills. All the way through handling of my case, he exhibited an exceptional organizational skills and his attention to details was flawless. I was able to contact him anytime and received prompt attention. There is no doubt that David is extremely devoted to his work and to his clients. David went above and beyond call of duty, and through all his groundwork and recommendations; he was able to persuade the court from reducing the sentencing to an enormous difference than what was recommended by the D.A.

There is no doubt that I will recommend David or Jason to my family and friends. Having them as your lawyer, you can be certain that you are in good hands and that you will be victorious in court. I cannot thank you, and your staff enough!


I am so glad I found David Zwanetz when I needed a lawyer. I had felt with a few lawyers beforehand and I wasn’t so sure what to think. They were just not professional. I close friend of mine recommended David and ever since then, I would never chose anyone else but Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates. The firm is just so professional and back up their credentials. They are, without a doubt, the BEST in Maryland.


When I needed a lawyer, I was very anxious about the whole process. Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) calmed my anxiety. David is hard working and did a great job walking me through the process. He was detail-oriented, he explained to me all my opinions. I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions and he never made me feel like I was a bother. He was easy to talk to and put my nerves at ease. He has a quick response rate, I would get replies to my emails almost instantaneously. I was surprised to get a response at 10 PM after my late email. In court, I truly felt like I had a friend, who really cared about me because he tied in things we talked about so that the judge had a better understanding of who I was rather than just listing out basic traits and accomplishments. I felt prepared. He was well spoken and candid about the situation. I felt like the situation was fairly laid out so that the judge had a clear picture of what had happened. It was nice to feel like I had an advocate. It is nice to have a great attorney that you can rely on. Hopefully, I won’t need their service again, but if so, I will definitely be using Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) again. I would also highly recommend them to anyone that needs a great lawyer.


David is incredibly professional and and knowledgeable about his work. He was able to quickly take care of some old outstanding charges I had on my Juvenile record. When I contacted him about it I expected a lengthy process, with back and forth emails and phone calls. We spoke about getting my record expunged once initially. The next time we spoke about the matter was to thank him for handling it for me so easily. I now have a completely clean slate. I also highly recommend his YouTube videos on the subject of dealing with Police Officers. Fortunately I’ve never had to put any of this information to use, but if I’m ever in that situation I know just what to do


I am very pleased with the outcome of the Hearing, I really appreciate everything you did for me. Thanks again.


Jason, Words cannot express how grateful I am for all you have done for me over the past few months. You came into my life at a time when I felt that things could never get better and that there was nothing positive to come, and you completely changed my life and turned everything around for me. Since our first meeting, I trusted you and your staff and felt so fortunate to have you on my side. You put me at ease right off the bat, and your constant communication with me made the process better than I ever could have imagined. Every time I had a question or concern I knew that I could email you and you always responded in such a timely fashion. You got me through the most difficult time in my life and I will forever be grateful for it. You are truly top notch and amazing at what you do. I am so blessed to have had you as my lawyer and though I hope I never need you again, you would be the first person I would recommend to anyone who might! I hope you know just how much you are appreciated. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.


David, I don’t think an email is an appropriate format to thank you, but I don’t want to delay my expression of gratitude any longer. After hearing horror stories from others who have gone through various court systems with cases like mine, I know that your guidance and assertiveness led to my limited sentence last week. You continued with the case for over a year, and was always responsive to my calls, emails, etc. quelling my fears and sometimes, giving me the reality of the situation. I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement over the past year and will be certain to recommend your legal services to others in the future. I hope to NEVER need your services against, and wish you the very best in your professional and persona; life. It was a pleasure to get to know you outside of my legal troubles, that is invaluable.


Jason, Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. You’re advice was very helpful, and I just got a voice mail from my employer telling me that I passed the background check. Needless to say I feel on top of the world, but I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your partners for the great representation and help throughout this entire matter. Thanks for everything.


My girlfriend and I got involved in a domestic violence case a couple of months ago. We both were foreigners and have no such experience before on how to find a good attorney and how to win the trial. After some research online and word of mouth, we decided to trust AVVO and trust David. David was a helpful listener and man of wisdom. He can always point out the key points of our case. Finally he convinced the state of attorney office that everything was just a misunderstanding and they dismissed the case then. We both are very happy and appreciate the life we are having now. David promised that record expunge will also be done in another couple of months. We really trust him and happy with our choice. Thanks, David. The best attorney always tries to solve the problem before it really becomes a problem!

]Mr Shapiro, I’ve been thinking about how to thank you for all you did for me. As much as I sincerely regret the circumstances of which I crossed paths with you, I have come to appreciate the experience. I say that because you transformed my fear of the consequences into a moment of learning. As I am aspiring to become a lawyer, you demonstrated to me the role of compassion in your work. There are few professions that affect people as much as defending those who cannot defend themselves. As soon as you took charge of the case, I started to look at the big picture and realized that I am actually incredibly lucky to have access to a support system and a lawyer that handles roadblocks with professionalism, efficiency, and understanding. I only hope that one day I can bring some of those qualities to my own career. Again, I want to thank you for everything.


David, I just wanted to thank you for today. I am really happy with the results and I just wanted to tell you I appreciate everything you have done to help me out with this situation! I will no doubt recommend my friends to Shapiro & Zwanetz if they ever need legal help! Thanks again.


Jason, Thanks again for representing me back in August 2014. Since that time I have stayed sober and life has gotten so much better. You guys are great lawyers and the Right Turn program is fantastic. Anyone facing personal or legal troubles due to drugs or alcohol should use their services. Their staff knows what they are doing. Have a great week and enjoy the remainder of the summer.


Jason, I do not know where I’d be today if it weren’t for you. Every time I have ever had a problem, I’ve turned to you, and you quickly and efficiently, took care of that problem. When I was wrongly charged with felony assault, you investigated the case, and then tried it, proving my innocence. I owe you for much of my career, and for giving me back my life.

William Joppy

former three time WBA World Middleweight Champion

There are times when clients require attorneys to help to figure out behavior that can defy rational explanation. When David has called upon me in my capacity as a forensic psychologist to assist him, I know his dedication and empathy for clients will serve as an important catalyst for our excellent working relationship. David has achieved an in-depth understanding of his clients needs and the best outcome available.

Lawrence J Raifman

JD, Ph.D.

Jason, Just wanted to let you know what a superb job your Associate David did defending my son. He turned an impossible, no hope for a PBJ, into a great plea agreement, which included a PBJ. His performance under pressure was spectacular! Because of David’s expertise my son will be able to continue to work for my company and hopefully take over the family business in the future.


David, You represented me in what I’m sure is an unprecedented, alcohol-related case with confidence, dexterity and the right amount of compassion to make my family and I feel comfortable. I can’t thank you enough for your sincerity and dedication to this case and for encouraging me to follow through with my counseling. As a result of the situation, I am now older, wiser and more sober which will help me in the next few years of college and the rest of my life. You remained positive, even when the state had more evidence than the OJ Simpson trial, which was exactly what I needed at the time. On top of all that, you still managed to get the best court ruling possible. High-five to unsupervised probation!


Mr. Shapiro, I had the pleasure of making your acquaintance last month when you were representing my friend T.M. I feel compelled to write you that as a skeptic, you helped restore my faith in our country’s legal system. You entered the courtroom well prepared, you were there for T.M., and this experience is one which, I am certain, has and will continue to change his life.


I worked with David Zwanetz from Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) and had the best experience. Working his magic David managed to exceed expectations and I could not have been happier with my outcome. I was always treated with respect and as a friend, never a client. I would recommend, and have recommended, David Zwanetz of Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) to anyone. Thank You David for all your help!


Jason, I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional and courteous treatment during my recent meeting, court appearance, and MVA hearing. Each staff member I encountered made an extremely humiliating and embarrassing situation in my life a bearable one. I very much appreciate your integrity, understanding, and willingness to provide guidance. Not only did you make certain I understood the charges against me, but you also ensured I was apprised of the essential steps to take in order to demonstrate to the court my willingness to rectify future occurrences. The resources you provided to me proved extremely valuable and they allowed me to expand my knowledge of the law as it relates to drinking and driving in Maryland.

I was enormously impressed by your dedication and assurances that I really would be “okay.” I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and I thank you, as well as Mr. Zwanetz, for outstanding legal representation.

Although I do hope none of my friends or family members encounter a criminal or personal injury situation in their lives, I can assure you I will not hesitate to recommend the Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) firm if any of my loved ones are ever in need of legal representation.

Sincerely, CB

David, I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that I will never forget how gracious you were to both J and myself last year in court. I think about that day often and tell the story about how you appeared out of nowhere and helped us. You are one of those people that I will remember forever; for your advice and your generosity. You should be proud of yourself, there aren’t many people like you in this world.


Jason, I would like to thank you for the excellent handling of my case. The outcome was so far beyond my expectations I was in tears on my way home. David came in as a true professional, he spoke clear and concise and explained the possible scenarios that could occur. He made his recommendations to me, spoke to the State and we moved forward. I was most impressed with how well he presented to the judge, not only the facts of the case, but his ability to put together a smooth and well spoken representation of me with very little time to prepare. I thank you for helping me through this situation. I have learned a great deal from this experience and truly appreciate your help in bringing it to such a great outcome.

Sincerely, PZ

David, On behalf of my students and the health teachers here at Churchill HS, I would like to thank you for speaking to our classes. It is nice to have someone so knowledgeable about the law explain how it should affect the daily decisions of teens. Sharing your personal experiences and anecdotes over the course of the day with almost 140 teenagers shows your dedication to the teenagers of Maryland. Your ability to get them engaged in the content shows your ability to content with young people. I think your time with our students will have a strong impact about how our students think when they are put in situations requiring strong decision-making skills. Thanks and we look forward to having you back next semester!

Matt Miller

P.E. & Health Teacher at Churchill HS

Jason, It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I thank you and Mr. Zwanetz for all that you have done leading up to my hearing. I appreciate the time and effort that you gave in helping me to secure a favorable outcome in court

Back in January, I made a terrible decision and put myself in a real difficult situation. Thanks to your expertise and wise recommendations, I was able to emerge from the situation not only victorious, but a better person with a deeper understanding of the consequences of my actions, both personally and professionally. In my efforts to expeditiously complete my treatment, I will recommend your services to anyone whom I encounter in need of legal representation.

Sincerely, FF

When looking back at my experience with Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates I can only think of two words grateful and overjoyed. When facing criminal charges of any sort one can’t help but to be nervous, hopeless, helpless, and scared. This feeling lasted until the moment I entered the office of Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA). I was greeted by the partners and treated with the utmost compassion and care. They took the time to explain all of the details in a way that I could completely understand, which is very important because the adjectives I listed above area commonly in regard to the lack of understanding that nearly all persons are subject to when dealing with the very complex legal system. They told me to the best of their ability what to expect and assured me that this would not be the end of my life as I knew it, which is entirely what I believed. Speaking as a young adult just facing college and the working world I would like to thank Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) for all they have done for me in creating, well maintaining, an open door for me to continue to strive for success with hope. God Bless!


Jason, Thank you so much for your time and attention. I appreciate everything you’ve done. These last 4 months have been very stressful and I’m very appreciative of all the time you put into my case. I’m glad M.J. recommended your firm to me. I will be sure to recommend anyone to your firm for your expertise. Thank you for representing me during the district court hearing. I owe the outcome all to you. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! Thanks again!


David, I’d like to thank you again for the way you handled my case. I’ve been fairly worried for the last month and a half. The outcome of not guilty was a very pleasant surprise and your work was what got me that outcome.

Thanks again, SJ

Lawyer Dave is the best money can buy. If you have any matters that require legal matters in his area look no further. His wealth of knowledge and in depth experience in the trenches of the courtroom attest for his tenacity to fight on your behalf!


Dave Z is a true professional in every aspect of his work. Dave came through and saved the day for me after 3 other attorneys told me that what I was looking for was unreasonable! Don’t cut corners when it comes to your legal issues!


I’ve worked with Mr. Zwanetz for a long time now and I’m just going to throw it out there…he’s the best young lawyer in the game! I really wish I could help you understand all he’s done for me over the years but I’m sad to say that no typing can describe that. It’s just something you have to experience. What it really boils down to is his attention to detail and his caring of all his clients. That plus the simple fact that Mr. Zwanetz hates to lose…and I think that’s also a big driving force that makes him so good at what he does. It’s not hard to tell that he always puts his clients and friends ahead of himself and that’s something most people now a days would never do. If you’re looking for the kind of lawyer that’s going to stick his neck out there for you then David Zwanetz is your man! Thanks again to Dave and all the staff for everything, I owe you big time.


Mr. Shapiro, Please accept my sincere gratitude for the time and effort you devoted to assisting me in teaching the Trial Advocacy course. Your participation was a real tribute to your dedication to our profession and to those students who desired to be educated in techniques and nuances of litigation. To be exposed to respected members of our profession, such as yourself, is a real plus to their law school experience, as I know from their feedback. Without your participation I could not embellish and enhance the litigation learning experience to the realistic level that your participation allowed us to achieve.

Sincerely, Judge Louis Becker

Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates, I am very thankful for the actions today in court. I do not know how to express the relief I was able to experience thanks to you guys. I greatly appreciate the hard work and effort that was put in for my case. Once again thank you so much. I wish the best of luck to you guys.


Mr. Zwanetz, You must think us ungrateful since it has taken so long for us to write and express our thanks to you and your firm for representing Sam. I have never been so impressed, and even as I think about it right now, while composing this, I get emotional with gratitude. Besides the fact that Sam is our only child and up until now has not been in any real trouble, John and I were quite concerned about securing representation, no knowing where to turn. Thankfully, between the internet and Sam’s friends’ recommendations, we were pointed in your direction. From our first meeting, to our subsequent meeting with you, we felt that Sam would be in good hands and have the best chance at a good outcome for him and for his future. The rest would be up to him. Your direct, professional, sincere manner really helped us to calm down and listen to what you had to tell us. The guidance you provided was taken to heart by all three of us. You made it possible to breathe and come to grips with the seriousness of Sam’s situation. We wont ever forget this experience and cannot ever thank you enough.


David, I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate how amazing you did at court on my behalf. It brings me to tears when I recall all the things you said. You truly are not only a fantastic lawyer but have such a huge heart and soul. Again, I can not thank you enough for putting me at ease when I was an anxious mess! I want to say more but I am speechless! I will not let you, the judge, my son and of course myself down. I have a lot of work to do and its worth it! All the best to you and enjoy your precious boy. It goes by fast.


David, First and foremost I would like to thank you and the rest of the Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) firm. This was by far the longest year of my life due to the fact I had to deal with this legal situation for so long. Every time I called or emailed you I got responses and it was so comforting. You enabled me to be at peace during this lengthy process. You tried everything possible that would come to mind to end it in our favor. You took all of my suggestions into account throughout the process. Physically in size you may not be the biggest in the court room or the loudest and I mean that in no disrespectful way. In the court room the past two days you had the biggest presence and I feel like everyone could feel it. I was so satisfied with your representation before the jury even reached the verdict I was happy with everything that went on and prepared win lose or draw. You’ve demonstrated once again why people speak so highly of the firm. You fought for me as if you were the one standing trial and that meant more than you could ever imagine. My life was on the line and you were right there with me on the front line. Thank you.


Mr. Shapiro, I wanted to thank you and your firm for everything you did to get the charges dropped against my daughter. I’m fairly confident this was not a huge case compared to most that you handle on a daily basis. Even though this was a minor matter, you made us feel that we were a priority. You were always quick to contact us personally and kept us reassured throughout the process and for that I am very grateful. I will highly recommend your firm….hopefully, we will never be in need of your services again! Thank you again.


Mr. Shapiro & staff, Thank you for your endless care and ultimate great outcome in handling my case. It was an almost seamless process and I am happy to have chosen you to represent me.


Big thanks to SZA. I am very pleased with the way you all handle my case as a team.


David, I wanted to sincerely thank you for my excellent legal representation. You have made a big difference in my future. I had a lot to lose had you not helped me stay positive.

Thanks again for displaying experience and skill to get the best possible results for me.

Thanks, SB

I have always called Jason the best lawyer that I have ever seen during my 15 years in the court system. Jason is still the best orator Lawyer I have ever seen.

Karl Frank Turban

retired agent, Maryland Department of Parole and Probation

David, I appreciate your help for my recent legal difficulties. I was very impressed with the case preparation and the actions that you advised for me and my son. On the day of our appearance, you made a strong presentation with smooth articulation and effective use of the prepared materials. I am convinced that we fared much better than we could have with other representation. Thank you for your terrific work on our behalf.


David, After a LOT of anxiety, and much grief, my fiance and I are finally able to breathe! Because of your compassion to the circumstances of our case and a dedication to represent us, we are able to move forward and begin the next chapter of our lives. There are not enough words to express our gratitude, and we will recommend you to anyone who is in need of an honest attorney, with much integrity and who fights for his clients. With today’s outcome, you have given my fiance an awareness and appreciation for what he has and could have lost. I have no doubt that he has learned from this experience, and is now devoted to making only positive decisions about life! Thanks Again and Many Blessings.


Jason, You defended me for a charge of driving under the influence. I wrecked my car and was taken to the hospital. You met me, and got me “voluntarily” in rehab. Then you got my case thrown out of court. I wanted to tell you that because of you, I addressed my substance abuse issues, went back to college for a nursing degree and am now working in an ICU. I wanted to thank you for your help and to let you know that some of us do get better (with help). Thanks to you, I am now a contributing member of society instead of a burden.


To Whom It May Concern, I writing this to recommend Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) (who will provide you with exceptional representation in court) and their phenomenal staff (who will provide you with the necessary support outside of it).

When faced with having to quickly choose a lawyer to represent my son, I had no clue who to choose or even what qualities to look for. Unfortunately, I realized too late the heartbreaking consequences of making that decision without doing my homework. I chose another lawyer and, to my deep sorrow, my son went to jail. Someone then recommended Jason Shapiro to me and what a difference he has made. At my first meeting with him, he brought hope back to me and to my son. Although it was too late to change the conviction, Jason quickly got the sentence reduced. In addition, the staff in Jason’s office is second to none. His senior paralegal, Cherie Wright, has always been there to answer any questions that I might have and to keep me informed every step of the way. She’s also just been there when I needed her to get through the many difficult days while my son was in jail.

If you need an exceptional lawyer, with a staff to match, you should look no further than Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA)!

With deep gratitude, BE

Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) was recommended to me as the top Criminal Defense firm in Maryland, especially in Howard County. I was nervous about my situation and felt like I needed an attorney who would really make time for me. When I met with David, he help me understand all of my choices and the possible ramifications. He was very open and honest so that I had a real sense of the penalties. David has an extremely aggressive personality, which is the type of lawyer that I felt like I needed. David’s attention to detail and his dedication made this law firm an easy choice.


Jason, Thank you for your hard work on my case. The plea was a blessing and I know that I should have been incarcerated. The plea was exactly what I wanted to ensure that my future would not be negatively affected by my bad decisions. As we stood in court, my son was in the hospital suffering from an asthma attack. As he fought for air, I was fighting to be free. The irony of that day opened my eyes and now I have a second chance to do right by my son. Thank you for helping the Judge and State’s Attorney see my true purpose in life, despite my immature decision. I appreciate your non-judgmental attitude and constant positivity. This situation has become a blessing in disguise. Thank you again!


Jason, I just wanted to let you know that M.Z. told me that he was really appreciative of the way you handled his daughter’s matter. He said you handled it quickly, quietly, and obtained a great result. Thanks for making me look good by referring him to you!!! Hope all is well.


Jason & David, Thank you for your professional manner in serving me in a very tough time for me and my family. You were able to craft a workable plan with the courts and MVA that allowed me to maintain my job and life wiht my family. I choose to look at this experience as a positive to change my life for the better. You are the best!

Sincerely, CH

David Zwanetz’s address to our leadership class offered insight and motivation to our students. His legal experiences provide invaluable information about responsibility and liability for young people and their families. He had an instant rapport with our group which made his presentation very well accepted. The passion he displayed for the defense field gave our group new respect for such work. As a bonus, the stories of his own accomplishments; academic, professional and athletic serve as an example of how much a determined individual can accomplish. This was an impact presentation! It was an experience our group will remember for a very long time.

Timothy P.

O’Brien Longreach HS

Jason, I was thrilled with your representation and the outcome of my case. I have been a lawyer for over 30 years and not much has changed — good lawyering triumphs even with bad facts!

Excellent approach Jason. I am beyond impressed by your argument and the obviously great result you got. Congrats!

A congratulatory email received by a fellow attorney sent to Jason Shapiro after a Not Guilty verdict.

Jason & David, Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to you all for what you did for E.M. But I am going to try.

Thank you Jason for listening to me and lowering you fee so that it was within our means. And for taking a chance on this homeless kid who not too many people have helped, and a lot of people have hurt.

Thank you David for being prepared and for turning the judge in E’s favor when you saw that was possible. I can’t tell you what an exquisite pleasure it was to see someone like E represented by a good defense lawyer. It almost never happens.

Thank you Mallory for dealing with my constant phone calls and questions, for making sure we were all up-to-date and on the same page, and, in general, being a good coordinator. And that is just on my end. I am sure that on your end the contribution was much,much greater.

That there is even one young man like E is a shameful blot on our society. And there are many more. You have mitigated that sad fact with your willingness to help.


Dave, Thank you for everything you’ve done regarding my case. Thank you for everything you did for my MVA Hearing. I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


Jason, I hope you are doing well and cannot begin to thank you and your office for all the help you provided to me in the past year. I honestly believe that I would not be where I am today, without all of your guidance, knowledge and willingness to help. Thank you!


I don’t know where to begin. I am very impressed with David Zwanetz. He is a young charismatic lawyer, with superbs skills, and persuasiveness. Most lawyers that i have met work with the following model…my clients do not know anything so I’ll charge for educating them about the law. David on the other hand has gone out of his way and created a series of very educational videos about problems that common people have and they have gone viral on facebook and youtube because the advice is gold. He wants you to use him when you really in need of a lawyer … and to tell you the truth you should. Finding an honest mechanic is hard this day…I was happy when I found mine, but then finding a quality honest lawyer like David Zwanetz that will get the job done quickly (not overcharge you) can cost you so much money in fail attempts. Many lawyers this days you spend so much and they don’t even do anything for you…its ridiculous. This young man is impressive.


David Zwanetz handled my criminal case with superior knowledge and poise while maintaining a high level of customer care. I have recommended him to numerous friends already.


We truly appreciate everything you are doing to help us. Thanks so much.


Jason, Ron and I want to thank you for all you did for us. You are a fantastic attorney and very special person. We are truly grateful.


Dave, I realize that visiting Judge Wilcox is a formidable member of the court in the State. I appreciate and respect your immediate support and representation. Please share the experience with your partners, if noteworthy, as well as my appreciation.


Mr. Shapiro, I hope you remember me from many years ago when I was going through my troubled times. I wanted to let you know that when you were helping me with my legal situation, you also inspired me in my personal life. You saw me at the worst times in my life and inspired me to make something of myself. I am graduating this May Magna Cum Laude! I was also just accepted into Law School for this coming Fall semester! Many years ago, I remember you saying that if I was able to stay clean for one year you would take me to dinner! It has now been more than six years and I would like to cash my dinner in!! If you ever have any time, I would love some guidance regarding law school, internship opportunities, and more! I know that you are so involved in the community and I really look up to you, Mr. Shapiro. I hope to be as successful as you one day! Please let me know if you ever have any time to provide guidance for me in my future endeavors! I hope to talk to you soon!


Jason, We met some time ago at which time I hired your firm to represent me for a traffic accident. Ultimately it was David Zwanetz who represented me at my hearing. I just want to say that he did a superb job and I was very impressed with him and his professional job. He was successful in calming my fears and giving me confidence at a time when I was very stressed. I would be honored to refer him to anyone that may need his services. I wanted you to know this because he is an asset to your firm. Thank you.


Jason, I wanted to thank you for helping to successfully resolve my legal situation. It was a stressful, and somewhat scary experience for me- and your knowledge, expertise, and friendly nature made it go by a lot easier, and made me feel better. I will sit tight and wait for the expungement papers, and will sign and return as soon as I receive them. If you need anything else from me, please do not hesitate to ask. If I ever require legal assistance again, I will make sure to reach out to you and I would highly recommend you to friends and family members. I will make sure to say hi if I see you at a UMD game! Thanks Jason.


David, Thank you for all you did to defend me before the District Court of Maryland. From our first call to your office to the resolution of my case, you handled my DUI with attention to detail, compassion and legal expertise. Throughout this ordeal I met others who had benefitted from your offices expertise which built my confidence. I was relieved to find out for myself that your reputation in the court room, your knowledge of the laws related to DUI and your experience with the recovery community were superior. I’m relieved and delighted by the resolution you helped us achieve and I will recommend you to anyone needed similar assistance. Thank you!


David, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the whole team of professionals at your firm. I can not imagine going through this process without the guidance, knowledge, and support I received from start to finish. As you know this was a very trying and emotional experience for my family and the process was very overwhelming. The feelings of being alone as well as the fear of the unknown, quickly were gone after retaining the services of Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates. You supported me in all the ways I needed both personally and legally and for this I am forever grateful. Words cant do justice for the amount of gratitude I feel for your team and I know the best way I can thank you is through referrals and recommendations. Anyone I know who finds themselves needing representation, I will strongly recommend your firm and if their is anything I can do in support of your firm please do not hesitate to ask. Wishing you all the best.


Jason Shapiro, Recently I visited with David. He is an excellent attorney. I had a fabulous experience with him. He and the receptionist put me at ease. David met with me right away, which was awesome because as you can imagine, I was completely stressed. After I explained my situation to David he filled me with confidence. He assured me that he would put an end to the false accusations against me, and he did. He had a few conversations with the states attorney and it was over with. Words cannot express how thankful I am. Your partner is experienced and competent; you two make a good team. Thank you and I will recommend your firm.


David, I really want to thank you for your help specially this morning. You are the best lawyer. I look forward to working with you in future to expunge my record.

Thank You, MN

David, How can I begin to thank you for all your help and support? HONESTY, INTEGRITY and COMPASSION for the little guy totally describes you!

I came to you in shear panic with my court case just days away! The attorney that I had hired seemed to be evasive and not forthcoming with his plan to defend me. I didn’t know where to turn! You met with me within 24 hours and provided me with the solid information that I needed to confront my attorney head on with all the appropriate questions! It worked!! My attorney followed through and was able to obtain the needed documentation to adequately represent me. All thanks to you!!!!

It is abundantly clear that you are a capable, highly intelligent and PASSIONATE attorney who believes in righting the wrongs that come our way. You get it – Bad things happen to good people every day!!! Your straightforward and HONEST approach to the issues gives your client such clarity, understanding and sense of “control” that is so desperately needed when dealing with a legal system that is, many times, so very unfair!

I will always be grateful for your kindness, compassion and support. You truly CARED about me and in helping me survive a very stressful court date. You followed me through to the end – without hesitation! Amazing!!!

I encourage anyone feeling so afraid, so unsure, so totally fearful of facing a legal situation alone to — 1) watch your amazing Utube educational videos; 2) call to meet with you. Your office staff was beyond efficient and professional!

Yes, the deck did appear be “stacked” against me. But your GENUINE CONCERN and KNOWLEDGE of the law saw me through the most difficult experience of my life!

David, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL! You stand above all the rest. Thank God for attorneys like you!

With a grateful heart, SA

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