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Being arrested for any type of drug-related crime is one of the scariest legal situations to find yourself in. In addition to law enforcement focusing on keeping drugs off the street, judges in criminal courts tend to rule heavily against drug perpetrators. If you have been charged or accused of engaging in any type of illegal activity involving drugs, you should seek legal representation right away. At Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates, we fight aggressively against all types of drug charges. From misdemeanor possession to felony charges, you can depend on our Columbia drug crime lawyers to stand by your side.

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Understanding Drug Charges in Columbia

In the state of Maryland, drug crimes are covered under Criminal Law, Title 5 of the Maryland Code. An individual can be charged with a drug crime for anything as minor as possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana to the distribution of any controlled substances. This may include cocaine, meth, heroin, or illegal prescription drugs. The possible penalties you could face if convicted depend on the type of drug and the nature of the charge, as well as your past criminal history. If you are convicted, you could face treatment, jail or prison time, large fines, and a number of other civil and criminal penalties.

We represent drug charges such as:

  • Cultivation
  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Providing Strong, Professional Legal Representation

Being arrested for a drug crime charge is not only scary, but it can also lead to serious consequences. Fortunately, our Columbia drug crime defense lawyers at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates provide strong legal representation for all felony and misdemeanor charges. We are dedicated to thoroughly investigating your case and charges to establish the most effective defense strategy for you.

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